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Amy Harris
Amy Harris

What five tracks are currently on high-rotation on your iPod?

Kings of Leon … I can’t pick one song! Birds of Tokyo's Violet; Empire of the Sun's We are the People; Damien Rice's Elephant; and Adele's Hometown Glory.

Three things you’d take on a desert island?

To quench my thirst I’d take a supply of Vs, I’m addicted to the taste! My iPod because I can’t live without music, and also my camera because it pretty much comes with me everywhere. I’m amused for hours with it.

The role you’d most like to dance and why?
When it comes to choosing just one it’s really hard, but Afternoon of a Faun is a piece I fell in love with straight away. It’s simple and only a very short, but it’s just so beautiful and moving.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you onstage?
During our 2006 season of Don Quixote I was doing ‘Gypsies’. We wore long dresses and as I stepped back I stepped onto my dress, and with each step I got lower and lower until I hit the ground. I was in the front so the girls all saw it and there were laughs all around! Three years on, this moment is still brought up.

What do you consider the epitome of true beauty?
Marilyn Monroe, but then I also think being yourself is the epitome of true beauty. We spend so much time dreaming about being someone else or wishing we were as beautiful, but we all have our strengths and things that people fall in love with!

April 2009



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