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Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright

What have you learned by performing with other ballet companies?
How competitive this industry is, but also how much there is to achieve by being inspired by other great dancers.

What did you do when you last had time off?
I recently bought an apartment so the Christmas break saw me swap ballet shoes for a paint brush! The renovations are still going, six months down the track!

How did you celebrate your last birthday?
Last birthday was probably the one I have celebrated the least. It was mid-week during the rehearsal period of Interplay, so I was tired. Although Mum cooked me a great cake and a roast!

What motivates you to keep dancing?
Even on your bad days there is something inside you that makes you keep going. Whatever the long-term or short-term reward, reaching that goal makes it all worthwhile.

What’s the best piece of advice someone gave to you?
The reward for hard work is more hard work.

Are you a classicist or a contemporary dancer at heart?
The repertoire at the The Australian Ballet is so varied, even in just one year. So both the classical and contemporary dancer in me is fulfilled. I’d have to say it’s the classical ballets that capture my imagination, and it’s the sheer physicality of contemporary work that excites me.

June 2009



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