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Brett Chynoweth

Who is your dance hero?
I’m inspired by various artists in The Australian Ballet and overseas companies every day, in particular Manuel Legris from the Paris Opera Ballet. I admire dancers who are versatile technicians with natural and intelligent artistry.

How has being nominated for the Telstra Ballet Dancer Award changed your approach to dancing?
Being nominated has given me a different perspective on our company and the art form as an industry. As I gain more experience and explore different aspects of the field, my understanding and ambition continues to grow. I see the nomination as a catalyst to accelerate the projection of my career, so that's very exciting to be a part of!

If you could live in any historical period, which would it be?
I'm a sucker for the adventurous and romantic stories from the mid-1600s in France, the setting of some of my favourite novels – Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers series. But I am rather comfortable with electricity and modern hygiene systems so the present day is also fine with me!

What’s the best costume you have ever worn?
One of my favourite costumes to wear has been the full-body ‘crash test dummy’ suit for the Unfinished Doll in Coppélia. The amazing wardrobe department made a brand new suit to fit my body, made of several layers of different material, including something like bungy cord! It was hard to breathe being covered head to toe but it was very cool to wear.

What’s been the highlight of your dance career so far?
Highlights of my career so far would have to include dancing in Tim Harbour's Halcyon and playing Lead Cupid in Steven Baynes' Molto Vivace, both from the Edge of night season last year.



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