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Jake Mangakahia

Why did you take up dancing?
Because I had to. Ever since I was in a pram I have been moving to music. When I hear music I love, I gotta move!

What were you doing before you joined The Australian Ballet?
I trained at the brilliant Australian Ballet School where I was privileged to be the first School Captain. Before the ballet school, I attended Alexandra Hills High School in Queensland until year 9, and was part of a few hip hop krews. It was awesome fun!

Which ballet role do you dream of performing?
Everything! Prince one day, peasant the next! Over the years I have developed an immense love for the Spanish flair and strength, so my answer has to be Basilio in Don Quixote.

What is your favourite meal?
This is a hard one. Being a teen, my stomach is quite the bottomless pit, but if I have to choose one meal, it's hard to beat a good steak, medium rare, with blue cheese and fresh beans.

How does living in Melbourne compare with living on the Sunshine Coast?
I suggest that Melbourne declares a public holiday each time there is good weather because it happens here so rarely. Totally unlike the paradisiacal, awesome weather of the Sunshine Coast.

What are you listening to on your iPod?
Like most of Generation Y, I grew up with the sweet, boogie beats of MJ - more formally known as the legendary Michael Jackson. I have a lot of his music, R’n’B, hip hop, jazz, classical, rock etc. I like to be well-rounded!



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