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Jarryd Madden

You were dancing from age three, but when did it hit you that dance could be your career?
I didn't take ballet seriously until i was about 15. I came to see The Australian Ballet perform Spartacus around that time and thought it was so cool – I wanted to be up there with them.

What music are you loving right now?
I can't get enough of the Foo Fighters’ newest album Wasting Light. They are definitely my all-time favourite band! Also the Aussie band Bluejuice has a new album out called Company which is awesome.

If you could pick the perfect pas de deux for you and partner Amy Harris, what would it be and why?
I would love to do The Merry Widow with her. I know we just did it, but it was her first lead principal role and I thought she was absolutely stunning and it suited her so well. So I would love to share that moment with her.

Describe putting on the bald cap for your current role as the Holy Man in Romeo & Juliet.
To be honest, it’s not at the top of my list of fun times. There's a lot of glue involved and having your hair pulled back every night, but having said that, when you get out on stage you forget about all the bad, and fall into the character … it’s a lot of fun.

Partnering ismy favourite part of dancing. I have always thought that to be great at partnering is just as important as being great at dancing, because you may be really good at jumps or you can do 10 pirouettes (not that i can do that many), but if you can't partner a girl, well, you can't do a grand pas de deux. Dancing is only one half of what it takes to be a male ballet dancer.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2012 season?
Our trip to New York City! I have never been to America before and even though it's a whirlwind tour I will definitely make the most of it. I probably won't sleep at all. Bring it on!




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