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Jasmin Durham
Jasmin Durham

Where are you from?
I was born in Hong Kong, but three months later moved to Canberra.

Ballet is …
Immeasurable. It is a unique art that will never be the same twice.

Classical or contemporary – which is your favourite?
I enjoy watching both equally, but find contemporary harder to dance as it involves completely letting go of things you spend hours trying to perfect. I love classical and contemporary for completely different reasons: classical for its beauty and purity and contemporary for its freedom.

What’s your favourite summer breakfast?
Nothing beats a bowl of fruit, yoghurt and muesli.

Who is your dance hero?
My sister Jenna. We both started ballet at the same time and we both wanted to do it professionally, and even though we are siblings and dancers (which would normally cause a lot of jealousy and competition), we supported each other through every step. I will always be grateful to her for being there through good and bad times and will always look up to her.



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