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Juliet Burnett
Juliet Burnett

You've just been cast in the title role of Semele, part of the Interplay season. Has the physical aspect of learning the role been as challenging as the artistic aspect?
Definitely. There can be a lot of fiddling around when finding the best way to execute a movement, especially pas de deux work, which calls for lots of repetition that is tough on the body. I've got some spectacular bruises and blisters which can attest to that! There's some hard steps and tricky partnering in this work so it can be easy to forget the artistic intention when you're concentrating on the mechanics of the movement, but I've learnt that this is the kind of work where the movement flows freer when you focus on that artistic intention and feeling.

If it weren't for ballet, what other careers might have you considered?
Something in which I could pursue my other passions - writing, or something in the art world: researcher, historian or curator. Whatever it is it would have to be in the artistic realm - maths was never my thing!

Obsessions outside ballet?
Being with my husband, and my parents and sister. Our pet rabbits, Jack and Sadie. Animal and environmental welfare. Music. Art. Vintage clothes. Food and cooking.

Your favourite city?
I've been lucky to have travelled to some amazing places in my life, but I have to say that my favourite city is always home. Melbourne is home now, but I also feel at home in Sydney where I grew up, and also Jakarta and Jogjakarta in Indonesia, where I spent a lot of time as a kid: my Mum is Indonesian and I have a vast network of family over there.

August 2008



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