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Kismet Bourne

What’s your first ballet memory?
I started ‘tiny tot’ ballet class at the age of three. However, I remember dancing my first official ‘pas de deux’ at the age of five! I have very cute video footage of it where I don’t look very comfortable having to hold hands with a boy.

My pointe shoes are …  custom made and have to be made slightly wider every three years. My feet are still changing shape at 29 years of age!

What part of the 2012 season are you most looking forward to?
Two words - New York! I have travelled around the world with this job for a decade but still have not made it to the Big Apple.

What was the last book you read? 
Memoirs of a Showgirl by Shay Stafford. Interestingly, she is a fellow Queenslander who also did not expect to end up living such a glamorous lifestyle.

You’ve just graduated as a ballet teacher – what do you like most about teaching?
Yes, I've recently finished the Vocational Graduate Certificate in Elite Dance Instruction at The Australian Ballet School. As I’m currently a professional dancer, I have the ability to demonstrate steps and movements in their correct form for the students. I love seeing how my teaching inspires and motivates the students to achieve their dreams.



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