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Leanne Stojmenov
Leanne Stojmenov

When did you decide to become a dancer, and what inspired the decision?
It has been a dream of mine since I started dancing when I was three.

What's been your most memorable performance to date and why?
My debut as Kitri in the Brisbane season of Don Quixote in 2007 was definitely one of my most memorable performances. It was very special to be sharing the stage with my partner Marc Cassidy.

Hit us with your favourite book, film and album.
I like lots of music and films and it's very hard to choose favourites but at the moment I love listening to a big band from Perth called Hip Mo Toast. The movie Nacho Libre has been making me laugh, and I recently finished reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper, which was devastating.

What's your favourite place to be on a Saturday night?
A bar around the corner from my place called Aqua Vino. It has delicious tapas and an incredible wine list.

What items can't you go on tour without?
Pointe shoes! Everything else I need I could probably buy at the destination.

August 2007



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