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Luke Marchant

How did you feel when your name was called out as a TBDA nominee?
When I first heard my name called I thought I was imagining it, but after the shock wore off I was very excited!
What’s your funniest ever onstage moment?
This has more to do with me trying to control my laughter when my dancer partner fell flat on her stomach right in front of me. It was during a performance of Por Vos Muero, and the two of us were in stitches trying to not lose our focus during such a serious piece! Thankfully I was facing the back at the time!

If you could partner any dancer in the world, who would it be?
There are too many incredible ballerinas out there to choose from! I think in general someone one who has a strong centre and who I could have a laugh with.
What’s your perfect Sunday?
My perfect Sunday starts with a sleep in, followed by sunshine, reading a book on my balcony and spending time with friends.

You’re going on a road trip – what music do choose?
 Music that’s light hearted and that I can sing along to. Trashy pop songs really get me going!



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