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Madeleine Eastoe
Madeleine Eastoe

What does the role of Halcyon mean to you?
It is always very special to have a role created for you. It's wonderful knowing that you're able to invest a lot of yourself into the creative process.

What are you most looking forward to about Halcyon?
I enjoy finding a bond with my partner. Taking what is discussed and rehearsed in the studio and exploring that on stage with the added effects of sets, costumes and lighting is something I look forward to, especially with Halcyon.

What do you like to do on a Sunday to relax?
Before Ella [Madeleine's daughter] I enjoyed riding to the cinema with Tim to see a movie, grab a bite to eat at a favourite café, and then make a lovely meal at home, and watch ABC/BBC dramas! Now, post-Ella we take a walk, visit a park or playground, read a bit of the paper and still enjoy a home-cooked meal and some TV!

What has been your favourite city to tour?
I really enjoyed Cardiff/London tour during their summer. It was a fun time. Tim was still in the company and I had the responsibility dancing Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake with Steven Heathcote. I was sort of proud of myself that I could still enjoy sightseeing and the experience of travel alongside the stress of performing overseas.

Any advice for young dancers aspiring to dance professionally?
Despite all the hard work and sore muscles, the rewards of dancing professionally are great. Exploring dance on stage is what it's all about.



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