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Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell

What item could you never go on tour without?
My Smiggle reading light, because after a show there's only one way I get to sleep and that's by reading a few pages. It’s how I wind down and relax while my mind’s going mad.

Hit us with your favourite book, film and musician
Film, Dangerous Liaisons. Book: I loved Ian McEwan's Atonement. Musician: I'm on an Elton John thing at the moment. I've always loved Elton but I went and saw him do an outdoor performance in the Hunter Valley, and it was better than I could have ever expected. Then I went and saw Billy Elliot, which he did the music for. He's a timeless artist.

Did you consider any other careers before ballet literally swept you off your feet?
I did tennis camp when I was young and I loved it; I really wanted to be a tennis player. But ballet was always the thing that was most available to me, and it turns out it was what I ended up loving more than the rest.

Favourite costume you’ve worn onstage?
For Meryl Tankard's The Deep End. I wore an emerald green sequinned mini skirt and boob tube, and the mini skirt was so small it was like a belt around my bottom. I had to stick myself into it every night. It was hysterical. Every night I just thought, "What is my job?!"

January 2008



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