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Rachel Rawlins
Rachel Rawlins

What has been your favourite costume to wear on stage?
I like nighties and they appear in so many ballets. Odette in Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake starts in such a beautiful one; it is so flattering and soft. In Graeme’s Nutcracker – The Story of Clara, Clara wears a simple night dress, and the kimono she wears in the third act is exquisite. I like to dance in them because I feel comfortable and the fabric floats so elegantly.

Who is your favourite choreographer?
All the Australian ones I’ve worked with of course! I have enjoyed the Cranko and Macmillan works, and also Jiří Kylián’s work because it’s so musical. He expresses emotion through dance without narrative perfectly.

What gives you strength?
My family, friends and the support I feel from the entire company, especially my partners and the audiences. On a physical level it’s all the classes and rehearsals we do that keep our bodies strong. A relatively healthy diet, generally taking care of yourself and listening to your body are the usual suspects that also give me strength.

If you could live in any other city in the world, where would it be?
There are many cities I would like to visit: Prague (because I've always wanted to go), St Petersburg (for obvious ballet-history reasons), Rio de Janeiro (because it would be fun) and Buenos Aires (because I have a friend there). And there are ones which I would love to go back to: Paris (because it's so chic), New York (for the buzz), and Rome (because there is so much more to see). But for now I’m really happy living here.

February 2010



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