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Sharni Spencer

What do you consider the turning point in your career?
My very first performance as a member of The Australian Ballet Company in 2008. It was Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake. I was one of 16 swans huddled on the huge tilted disk of the lake. I was excited and nervous, and clinging onto the lake terrified I might fall off when the time came to slowly, and hopefully gracefully, stand up. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind, I felt so honoured to be onstage with my fellow swans. I remember it gave me goosebumps to hear how powerful the live orchestra was. It was such an exhilarating experience. I was buzzing afterward and couldn’t sleep a wink that night. It was an incredible natural high and had me hooked. It was a dream come true!

What area of classical technique comes most easily to you?
Hmmm ... when it comes to classical technique it’s always hard work! But I find petit jetés and ballottes quite fun.

You win the lottery. Where’s your personal jet headed first?
Isle of Pines! A small island off New Caledonia. I would love to go back to spending all day in the amazingly clear water and sun, jumping off rocks, snorkelling and lying on sand that feels like velvet. The kind you can complain about getting stuck in your swimmers!

Outside of ballet, what’s your greatest love?
I love to travel. Exploring new surroundings and absorbing everything. I love wandering around and getting lost in a new place. I always feel refreshed.

What’s your favourite place to eat breakfast?
One of my favourite things to do is to go out for breakfast. I live near South Melbourne’s market and cafés so where to go is definitely the toughest decision I make on Sunday (apart from what to order). I love Gas, it was the first place I was taken to for breakfast in Melbourne and since then I’ve been hooked! When I’m in Sydney my first stop is to Corelli’s for their amazing fruit-and-nut toast.



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