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Vivienne Wong

What inspired you to create Touch Transfer for Bodytorque.Muses?
There were a couple of reasons why I put my hand up this year to create a piece for Bodytorque. One of them was the opportunity to work with my fiancé Tiago Brissos, who composed the music for Touch Transfer. Secondly, choreography has always been an interest of mine. I have always enjoyed the creative process when working with choreographers and this was an excellent opportunity to challenge myself and explore my creativity.

When I first heard that 'Muses' was this year’s theme I sat down and started to consider all the things around me that inspire me. I often find myself lost in the stroke of a paint brush or a line of a drawing, and I started to think about all the beautiful gestures we make when dancing and how fleeting it all is. From there came the idea for Touch Transfer. I wanted to create a piece that drew on the magic of capturing these gestures while combining it with the structure of absent-minded drawing. One single line or stroke can start out as nothing, but when the lines come together something beautiful can be created, and thus the same with the steps and dancing.

Bodytorque.Muses was streamed live around the world – what was it like to see your work on the screen as well as the stage?
Having Bodytorque streamed live was a pretty special and momentous occasion for us all. I think it is amazing that we can share this sort of footage with family and friends all over the world. For all those people who can't make it to live shows, live streaming opens up a whole new door of being in touch and being able to share and be part of it.

Pointe shoes or bare feet – which do you prefer and why?
I actually really enjoy both! I find dancing barefoot allows me to really feel the floor and get into the movement when it needs to be earthy and grounded. But I love the feeling I get when dancing en pointe, it can feel so fluid and graceful.

What’s the most unusual item in your theatre make-up box?
As I dug around in my tightly packed theatre make-up box the most unusual thing I found was a hammer! Sounds strange having a hammer in a cosmetics box but funnily enough it comes in handy when on the road.

Favourite music for unwinding?
It changes all the time but on a recent Saturday night Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu's album Rrakala had a good work-out on the sound system; it was a fantastic way to wind down at the end of a long week.
Other favourites at the moment are Bon Iver and The Dodos.




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