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Yosvani Ramos
Yosvani Ramos

What are the first three things we should know about Yosvani Ramos?
That my family is the most important thing to me; that I'm very loyal to my friends; that I absolutely love being a dancer and being able to become different people onstage.

How old were you when you started dancing?
I was ten. At the beginning it was because I was bored at school and wanted to do something else, but then the ballet bug bit me and I was hooked!

Your favourite ballet of all time?
Romeo & Juliet, especially the Nureyev version, because it's extremely challenging physically and Romeo is such an amazing role artistically. You start as a boy, fall in love, and become a man, all in the space of three hours.

Obsessions outside ballet?
I love, love, love movies! I have a huge movie collection.

What's your idea of happiness?
Just being injury free, doing the job that I love, and being surrounded by the people that are important to me.

February 2008



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