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Teaching styles

Rina Nemoto in class. Photography Teagan Glenane
Rina Nemoto in class. Photography Teagan Glenane


Dance teaching requires similar qualities to other types of teaching based on kinetic and expressive skill development. Regardless of the age group or selected dance style, it is essential for dance teachers to have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, an understanding of safe dance practice, excellent communication and observation skills, and importantly a passion to impart knowledge. A capable teacher will have a detailed understanding of their students’ physical attributes and their individual potential for expressive and artistic qualities.

In order to provide a dance student or professional dancer with a positive learning environment, teaching instructions needs to be carefully and clearly delivered, teachers must provide constructive feedback and the student or dancers should be given the opportunity to review and discuss their own performance.

The Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet is a classical ballet company with a uniquely Australian style of dancing that has developed throughout the history of the company and continues to develop today. Technically, it has been refined by ballet staff members, visiting guest dancers, teachers, coaches and choreographers who constantly challenge and inspire our dancers.

The company has four permanent teachers and several regular guest teachers on staff. Each one has a different dance background, both in training and professional experience, and each brings a wide range of expertise to the company. No particular syllabus is used in training professional dancers, however the daily class follows the traditional order of barre work, centre practice, adagio and pirouettes, finishing with petit, medium and grand allegro.

Teachers at The Australian Ballet use daily class to prepare the dancers for its upcoming repertoire, as well as constantly working to refine the dancers’ technique and artistic abilities. By balancing a dancer’s need to maintain technical proficiency with intellectual stimulation and emotional fulfillment, The Australian Ballet’s artistic staff aim to make dancers’ mastery of movement a source of enjoyment they can communicate to audiences.

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Fun facts

The name 'Giselle' is from the old German meaning 'pledge'.



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