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Copyright policy

Due to copyright restrictions, The Australian Ballet is unable to supply high resolution images to the public or allow our photos to be reproduced in any way. While our photographers hold intellectual property rights over those images, other copyright stakeholders include choreographers, costume designers, the dancers in the photographs, and The Australian Ballet.

Terms of use

All users of The Australian Ballet's site do so with an understanding and acceptance of the following conditions:

  1. All information provided on this site is done so in good faith and The Australian Ballet has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the information contained herein is accurate and current.
  2. No liability is accepted for loss or damages incurred as a result of reliance upon material contained on this site.
  3. By logging on, you will be deemed to have released and discharged The Australian Ballet from all liability which might arise.
  4. By logging on, you will be assuming all risks associated with use of the site, including risk of your computer, software or data being damaged by any virus which might be transmitted or activated via The Australian Ballet site by your access to it.
  5. The Australian Ballet website provides links to other third party websites for your convenience and informational purposes only, and not for purposes of making any endorsement or recommendation thereof. The Australian Ballet cannot control, takes no responsibility and does not make any warranty, express or implied, with respect to the content, privacy policy or practices of such linked websites.

Privacy Policy

The Australian Ballet abides by the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Casting policy

Casting details will be published on The Australian Ballet website as soon as available. Casting is subject to change without notice. Cast sheets will be distributed at each performance free of charge (for environmental reasons, one cast sheet is printed for every two patrons). The Australian Ballet makes no guarantee, whether through advertising or promotional material, that particular artists will appear in specific roles or productions.

The Australian Ballet reserves the right to alter the details of any season as may be necessary.

Ticketing policies

Tickets to The Australian Ballet’s events are sold by The Australian Ballet and third parties including ticketing agents and venue box offices. Tickets purchased through The Australian Ballet are subject to the terms & conditions outlined below. Tickets purchased through third parties are subject to the terms & conditions outlined by those parties which may differ from those outlined below.

Attendees must also abide by the terms & conditions of the venue in which the performance is held.

The Australian Ballet adopts the Live Performance Australia (LPA) Code of Practice for the Ticketing of Live Entertainment in Australia, available here.

1. Allocation of seats
The allocation of seats is at the total discretion of The Australian Ballet. The Australian Ballet reserves the right to vary, substitute or withdraw any seating arrangements, including Season Package seating.

2. Ticket prices
Ticket prices are correct at time of quotation or publication and are subject to change at any time without notice.

2.1 The Australian Ballet operates in a demand situation. Ticket prices will be dynamically adjusted, either up or down, based on real-time market demand and without notice.

2.2 Season Package tickets and Season Package additional tickets are not subject to demand based pricing.

3. Ticket refunds
Tickets to The Australian Ballet's events and performances are non-refundable except in the case of a cancelled performance. Tickets that cannot be used may be donated back to The Australian Ballet and a tax receipt will be issued for the value of the ticket price. This can be claimed as a charitable donation. Tickets for donation must be returned to The Australian Ballet a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the ticketed performance.

4. Ticket exchanges
Tickets purchased directly through The Australian Ballet as part of a Season Package may be exchanged between different ballets, in the same city. Tickets cannot be exchanged between cities. Tickets purchased outside of a Season Package or through third party ticketing agents cannot be exchanged. Exchanges are subject to availability and seats comparable to those originally held cannot be guaranteed.

Tickets may be exchanged by mail with The Australian Ballet Customer Services Team. Original tickets must be received by The Australian Ballet a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the scheduled performances. Newly issued tickets will then be returned to the package holder via post or collected from the venue Box Office with prior arrangement. Season Package holders contacting The Australian Ballet by telephone an arrange exchange may have tickets held for a maximum of five (5) working days, to allow for original tickets to be returned. After this time held seats will be released to sale. Mail exchanges incur a handling fee of $3.50 per ticket exchanged. MasterCard or Visa details or cheque payment for this fee must be received with tickets.

Season Package tickets for the Melbourne and Sydney seasons may be exchanged in person at The Australian Ballet Box Office in Melbourne and for the Sydney season only at the Sydney Opera House Box Office in Sydney. Exchanges made in person must be carried out a minimum of 48 hours prior to the ticketed performance. Tickets exchanged through The Australian Ballet Box Office will incur a handling fee of $3.50 per ticket. Tickets exchanged through the Sydney Opera House Box Office will incur a handling fee of $5.00 per ticket.

In all instances, original tickets must be returned in order to facilitate an exchange. Lost tickets cannot be exchanged. Exchanges cannot be carried out once a performance has occurred.

Exchange fees are subject to change without notice. Ticket downgrades do not attract a refund.

5. Ticket upgrade and downgrades
If a ticket sold at a concession rate is to be used by a patron not eligible for the same concession, the difference between the concession and full rate must be paid for by the ticketholder. This upgrade may be carried out directly with the venue box office. If a full-priced ticket is to be used by a concession holder, the difference in price cannot be refunded.

6. Ticketing fees and charges
Some service fees apply when booking or exchanging tickets to performances by The Australian Ballet to cover the postage and/or handling costs associated with the transaction.

For Season Package tickets:
$5 for online bookings
$5 for mail bookings
$12 for phone bookings
$3.50 per ticket for season package ticket exchanges

For general ticket purchases or additional tickets for Season Package holders:
$5 for online bookings
$7 for phone bookings

Education and Public Programs bookings made through The Australian Ballet Box Office do not incur postage or handling fees.

Ticketing fees and charges are subject to change without notice.

Please note: Our other selling agencies, including our venues, will charge different fees. Please check with individual selling agencies to find out more information about their fees.

7. Ticket postage
All tickets are posted via standard post.

8. Program and parking vouchers
Souvenir program and parking (Melbourne only) vouchers can be pre-ordered with annual Season Package tickets at a discounted rate. Additional program and parking vouchers cannot be purchased at a discounted rate once the Season Package has been processed and lost program and parking vouchers cannot be replaced. The Australian Ballet does not take responsibility for vouchers lost in the post.

9. School and groups ticketing
Schools and groups of ten or more are able to reserve tickets without payment in order for numbers to be finalised. An invoice will be issued at the time of booking and payment is required in full, six weeks prior to the event. In the case of reserved seating Public Programs, seating allocation will not be confirmed until payment is received.

School groups will receive one complimentary teacher/guardian ticket for every 10 paying students.

10. Offers and discount pricing
From time to time The Australian Ballet will offer special discounts to selected performances. Relevant proof of entitlement must be presented when booking - whether in the form of a password, promotional code, identification or other measure. Partial refunds will not be given on tickets previously purchased at full price.


11. Event particulars including dates, commencement time, duration and casting are subject to change.  Venue admission is subject to the terms and conditions of purchase and additional conditions of entry may apply at the venue.  No responsibility is taken by The Australian Ballet for any travel or ancillary expenses incurred or for loss consequential from amendment to advertised event details.


Promo codes

The Australian Ballet offers our customers special discounts, promotions, and other opportunities from time to time. These offers can be accessed with a specific Promotion code. This code is unique to the promotion and should be entered in the promo code box when registering or logging in to The Australian Ballet’s website or quoted to the Customer Services Assistant, at the time of booking and exactly as it appears in the offer/promotion.

Season Package polices

1. Season Package structure
The Australian Ballet reserves the right to change the structure of Season Packages from year to year. This includes, but is not limited to, the number of ballets in a given series, the concessions offered within a series or the performance dates and times of a particular series or of The Australian Ballet’s performances generally.

2. Season Package renewal deadlines
Season Package renewal deadlines are in place for existing Principal Package holders, and will vary from year to year. Please refer to the current year Season Package information for full details.

3. Allocation of seats
Where a Season Package includes renewable seating, The Australian Ballet will use its reasonable endeavours to offer Season Package holders the same seats that were allocated for the previous season. The offer will be open until close of business on the renewal date for those customers booking packages with renewable seating options (excludes Red Monday series in Sydney and Experience Packages).

If the seats allocated for the previous season cannot be offered for the new season, The Australian Ballet will use its reasonable endeavours to offer seats comparable to those allocated for the previous season. However, this may not be possible due to, among other things, existing seating allocations and layout of the venue. At all times The Australian Ballet reserves the right to vary, substitute or withdraw Season Package seating.

After the renewal date, all unpurchased seats will be released for reallocation. The Australian Ballet has no obligation following the renewal date to allocate seats in a similar area of the theatre to renewing Season Package holders. Seats for series which do not include renewable seating are allocated in order of receipt.

4. Season Package change requests
All requests for changes to Season Package seating will be addressed after the Season Package renewal period has closed. Seating for these requests is allocated in strict order of receipt and The Australian Ballet makes no guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled. Where changes cannot be accommodated, Season Package holders will retain their original seats. Season Package renewals incorporating a change request will initially be charged the cost of the original renewable seating. If an upgrade can be accommodated, the additional charge will be debited upon seating allocation.

If a Season Package holder is requesting a reduction in the number of seats, or a downgrade in seating area, the original Season Package amount will initially be charged if booking online. The Australian Ballet will regularly assess online bookings and resolve such transaction payments as soon as possible. To avoid the original (greater) charge in the first instance Season Package holders requesting these changes are advised to renew by mail.

5. Ballet Holiday option
Principal Package holders who have held their package for five consecutive years or more are able to take a year's break, or drop any number of ballets from their Season Package, and The Australian Ballet will use its reasonable endeavours to allocate the same seats the following year. The Ballet Holiday option is only available for one year in every six. Ballet Holidays must be arranged via The Australian Ballet Customer Services Team.

6. Credit card instalments
All Season Packages holders are eligible to take the instalment payment option when booking season packages online or by mail. Instalment payments cannot be made for telephone bookings. Instalments are collected in four equal payments. For 2016 season packages, the first instalment will be charged on receipt of your booking; second instalment charged 24 January 2015; third instalment charged 24 April 2015; and the fourth and final instalment charged 24 July 2015.

Where a Season Package order includes a donation that is greater than half the total transaction cost, the whole donation amount will be charged on the first payment. The balance will then be deducted as three equal payments on the dates noted above.

Where a Season Package order total contains an uneven cent value and cannot be divided equally into four payments, instalment amounts will be rounded to the nearest cent.

Instalments can be paid by credit card only. Cheque, cash or money order are not accepted. Instalments are restricted to one credit card per Season Package booking.

Customers using the credit card instalment option are asked to inform The Australian Ballet as soon as possible if their credit card details change. Instalments which cannot be collected on the due date will be charged an administrative recovery fee in addition to the instalment amount.

7. Season Package holder discounts and special offers
The Australian Ballet, in conjunction with partner organisations, offers a range of discounts and special offers to Season Package holders. Full details will be announced in December 2015. Season Package holders are required to identify themselves as eligible for The Australian Ballet Season Package holder discounts by presentation of their Backstage Ballet Card or by logging in to their account when purchasing through The Australian Ballet website.

8. Primary Season Package holder
For administrative purposes The Australian Ballet will identify the individual(s) in whose name the Season Package is held as the primary Season Package holder. It is this person to whom all correspondence will be addressed, including tickets, renewal notices and instalment payment reminders. Should the season package be transferred to another member of the group as the primary Season Package holder, The Australian Ballet will require notification in writing, wherever possible. Additional Backstage Ballet Cards may be posted to Season Package holders in addition to the primary Season Package holder upon provision of the subsequent Season Package holder's name and contact details.

Concession polices

The Australian Ballet and agents selling tickets for our productions must sight valid concession or proof of age identification in order to dispatch concession-priced tickets. Venue staff may check concession identification upon entry to the venue, so please ensure you have valid concession identification on hand when attending performances. Where valid concession identification cannot be produced, an upgrade to the full-price ticket in that seating reserve will be required.

Available concessions may vary between performances and venues, or may be based on purchases as a Season Package or single ticket.

In 2016 available concessions are as follows;

Australian pensioners can access discounts for all performances. Please provide a copy of your Pensioner Concession Card from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs when booking.

Special pricing for government-issued Seniors’ Card holders is available for Monday to Thursday performances in all cities and Saturday and midweek matinees, where available, in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Seniors pricing is not available for opening night performances. Please provide a copy of your Australian Government issued Seniors’ Card when booking.

Special pricing is available for youth aged 26 years and under for Monday to Thursday performances in all cities and Saturday and midweek matinees, where available, in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Youth pricing is not available for opening night performances. Please provide a copy of an official document that clearly shows your date of birth when booking.

Full-time Students

Special pricing is available for Full-time Students of Australian educational institutions for Monday to Thursday performances in all cities and Saturday and midweek matinees, where available, in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Student pricing is not available for opening night performances. Please provide a copy of an Australian student card valid for the year in which your performance takes place when booking.

Special pricing for children aged 17 years and under is available for all performances. Please provide a copy of an official document that clearly shows the child’s date of birth when booking.


Merchandise polices

Merchandise Delivery
Delivery Fees: The delivery price for each order will be displayed during the checkout process, prior to payment and order confirmation and included in the total price of your order.

Orders within Australia

Value Postage & Handling Cost
Under $20 $4
Between $20 and $60 $6
Between $60 and $100 $8
Between $100 and $1,000 $12

Orders outside of Australia

Value Postage & Handling Cost
Under $20 $10
Between $20 and $60 $15
Between $60 and $100 $25
Over $250 $40


Delivery time: Each product listing includes the estimated delivery time frame for that product. Typically, delivery occurs within 10 business days of us receiving your payment authorisation and cleared funds. From time to time the delivery of specific items will exceed our standard week delivery window for reasons outside our control. We work hard to process all orders as quickly as possible.

Risk in the products passes to you on delivery. We do not accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to the products after delivery

Delivery methods & locations: Orders are delivered via the Australia Post network. Your order will be delivered to the delivery address provided by you. Our delivery partner may leave a card at the address and you will need to pick up the delivery from your nearest Post Office or contact the courier company to arrange for re-delivery.

Delivery failure: It is important that you verify your information is correct, especially your delivery address. If the address provided is incorrect and the package is returned, you may be billed for the additional shipping charges in order for your delivery to reach you. You agree to this by placing an order with us, we reserve the right to pass on applicable charges to you if you provide wrong address information. We also require a contact phone number, which may be used by the courier to arrange delivery. If we and our delivery partner have been unable to deliver your order due to your error or fault after 21 days or 3 attempts (whichever is sooner), we reserve the right to cancel your order. In these circumstances we will refund you the price of your order, less the delivery fees incurred by us.

Peace of mind returns and exchanges: If you change your mind or your order is not quite right, you may return it to us within 30 days of the date you received it. You must contact us with your name and order number before returning any items. The cost of returning the item to us is your responsibility.

Items produced by Iggy & Lou Lou are all handmade, and not returnable due to change of mind. Any damaged or incorrect Iggy & Lou Lou items must be returned within 14 business days of receipt/payment.

Items returned must be in ‘as-new’ condition. This means you have not used, damaged, washed or laundered any of the items. Please return items secured in their original packaging if possible.

After we have received your item and confirmed it is in ‘as-new’ condition, we will issue you with an exchange or refund of the purchase price less the initial delivery fees. If you have purchased an item using a free shipping offer and returned it because you have changed your mind, we will deduct the actual shipping cost to us from your refund. If we cannot be satisfied that you purchased the product from us then we will not accept your product for return.  Additional delivery charges may apply if you are requesting an exchange due to a change of mind.

Your consumer rights: The goods you purchase come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. If your product is faulty, broken or otherwise non-compliant with a consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law please contact us as soon as possible with your name and order number and our customer care team will advise you on the next steps.

Damaged items: Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, items are occasionally damaged in transit. If you notice that an item is damaged when it is delivered to you, please contact us within 2 days of delivery with clear digital photos showing the damage. Our Customer Services team will advise you on the next steps.

The type of remedy we offer will depend upon the circumstances. We may arrange to replace the product (subject to availability), or provide you with a partial or full refund of the purchase amount. If we require you to return the product to us, The Australian Ballet will pay the cost of the return.

Our rights: We reserve the right to refuse a refund in cases where we deem damage to a product to be due to fair wear and tear, misuse, failure to use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or failure to take reasonable care.

Online orders and delivery for Christmas (2015): All orders completed before midnight on Tuesday 15 December for delivery within Australia will be mailed via Australia Post in time for delivery before Christmas.


Attendance policies

For the comfort and convenience of all patrons, latecomers can only be admitted into the auditorium at a suitable break in the performance. Suitable breaks vary between ballets and may not be until the first interval. If a suitable break prior to interval is identified, latecomers may not be seated in their ticketed seats, rather in an area adjacent an entrance, where minimal disruption will be caused to seated attendees. This is at the discretion of venue staff.

Ticket refunds or exchanges are not available on the basis of late arrival. The Australian Ballet strongly recommends planning your journey to ensure you arrive at the venue well in advance of the scheduled performance commencement.

Children and infants attending the ballet
Mainstage performances
All attendees regardless of age must hold a valid ticket to be admitted to the auditorium. This includes children and infants who must have their own seat, and cannot sit on the lap of a parent or guardian.

We ask that parents and guardians consider the comfort and enjoyment of other audience members if bringing infants and small children to the ballet.

Stel Inside Programs
For Once Upon a Time,  and Behind the Scenes children aged under 2 years are admitted free of charge and must sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. Please check the individual booking details to confirm those performances designated with this condition.

For the safety and security of all patrons, prams or baby capsules of any description cannot be taken into the auditorium. Aisles, stairways and stairwells must be kept clear at all times.

More information here

Lost tickets

Lost ticket vouchers will be issued for misplaced tickets purchased through The Australian Ballet. These cannot be issued in advance of the performance and cannot be posted.

Melbourne ticket holders should contact The Australian Ballet Customer Services Team to arrange a lost ticket voucher which can be collected from The Australian Ballet representative at the venue 30 minutes prior to the performance.

Sydney ticket holders should present themselves, with identification, to the Sydney Opera House Box Office 30 minutes prior to the performance to collect a lost ticket voucher.

Lost tickets cannot be exchanged.

Ticket holders who purchased through a venue box office or other booking agency should contact that agency to determine the procedure for lost tickets.

Gift Certificates

  1. Gift Certificates can be purchased to any monetary value, with a minimum purchase amount of $10.00.
  2. Gift Certificates expire on 31 December of the year following Gift Certificate purchase. At this time any remaining Gift Certificate monies will be donated to The Australian Ballet's Out There program.
  3. Gift Certificates may be redeemed online at or by phone on 1300 369 741.
  4. Where the value of items purchased is greater than the value of the Gift Certificate, the difference is payable by the Gift Certificate recipient. Where the value of items is purchased is less than the value of the Gift Certificate, the remaining value will be held on account by The Australian Ballet for future purchases by the Gift Certificate holder. Original expiry conditions will apply.
  5. The recipient must provide full contact details when redeeming a Gift Certificate.
  6. The Gift Certificate identification code must be quoted when redeeming.
  7. Lost, stolen or deleted Gift Certificates cannot be replaced.
  8. The Australian Ballet's standard processing, postage and handling fees will apply on redemption of Gift Certificates.
  9. Gift Certificates can only be redeemed for events and merchandise sold directly through The Australian Ballet. Gift Certificates issued by The Australian Ballet cannot be redeemed for tickets purchased through venue box offices or other agencies selling tickets to performances by The Australian Ballet.

Public Programs, school group and in school policies

Step Inside Programs
Bookings for The Australian Ballet's Step Inside Programs cannot be refunded unless the event is cancelled.

Event participants will be fully supervised during classes and workshops. Parents, guardians and teachers are not permitted to attend these events. Parents and guardians are asked to meet their children promptly at the conclusion of classes and workshops.

For security purposes and in case of an emergency, the names of individual event participants will be required at time of booking for all classes, workshops and tours.

Schools group bookings
The Australian Ballet will issue an invoice upon receipt of completed booking forms. Payment is due a minimum of six (6) weeks in advance of the event, with the exception of midweek matinee performances, where payment dates are listed on the online booking forms. Please note your booking may be cancelled if payment is not received by the due date. Please notify The Australian Ballet of any changes in booking numbers as soon as possible. Additional tickets cannot be guaranteed after initial booking request. Standard refund policies apply to school Group Bookings (as above).

In school bookings
On receipt of the completed Out There booking form and confirmation of the incursion date/s, the booking will be considered a binding agreement between the school and The Australian Ballet. The Australian Ballet will issue the school an invoice immediately after the program has been presented. Trading terms are 30 days from tax invoice date.

Cancellations must be received in writing by email or post. If a cancellation is received less than four (4) weeks' prior to the incursion date/s The Australian Ballet will invoice the school 100% of the total cost of the booking.

A minimum four weeks (4) weeks' notice is required if student numbers change.



Single tickets for this event are booked through an external ticketing agent. The agent's site will now open in this window.