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British Liaisons

Amber Scott and Adam Bull in After the rain.
PhotographyJess Bialek.

"British Liaisons is an enjoyably diverse program"

On Checkmate:
"historically fascinating"
On After the rain:
"highlight of the evening"
"Robyn Hendricks, in duet with Robert Curran, is exceptional with her perfectly held, soft back bends and flawless control."
Herald Sun, 29 August 2011

"Christopher Wheeldon's After the Rain again proves itself the brightest jewel in the company's repertoire. It would be hard not to be moved by the elegant evocation of intimacy it achieves in its stunning, emotive pas de deux."
The Sunday Age, 4 September 2011

On After the rain:
"What we love the most is the pas de deux of After the Rain... British Liaisons was worthwhile for this alone and also to present the immense talents of soloist Robyn
Hendricks. Accompanied by the typically tender partnering of Robert Curran, Hendricks has proved what many have been saying about her destiny to be a great principal artist. Together, they carve a lyrical love poem into the air that is breathtaking in its grace,
lightness and flow.
"... when After the Rain ended there was a yearning for more more of Christopher Wheeldon's choreography, more of Arvo Part's aching score and forever more of Robyn Hendricks and Robert Curran."
On Concerto:
"[Robert Curran and Amber Scott] ... make a strong, beautifully timed duo."
On Checkmate:
"Rachel Rawlins is a formidable valiant queen"
Sunday Herald Sun, 28 August 2011

On Checkmate:
"Rachel Rawlins is a magnetically authoritative Black Queen"  
"Daniel Gaudiello nails the technical demands of the Red Knight"
On After the rain:
"After the Rain is one of the best modern ballets in the company's repertoire. Inventive yet elegant, romantic and athletic, and set to the spellbinding music of Arvo Part, it is a glimpse into the future of the
art form."
"Robyn Hendricks and Robert Curran are outstanding in the final, extended pas de deux."
On Concerto:
"Leanne Stojmenov and Chengwu Guo light up the stage in the lively first movement"
"Lana Jones is a powerhouse in the cheeky final section"
The Age, 27 August 2011

"Music and movement mesh in the best of British choreography"
“Christopher Wheeldon's After the Rain, from 2005, is a spare and thoughtful piece, beautifully tailored to music by Arvo Part the first movement of Tabula Rasa and Mirror in the Mirror. It was danced with great understanding and control by the cast of six, concluding in a long duet that produced a profoundly convincing partnership between Robyn Hendricks and the hardworking [Robert] Curran.”
Sydney Morning Herald, 5 May 2011

On Checkmate:
“Tzu-Chao Chou soared through the unending technical demands of the First Red Knight's choreography”
On Concerto:
“Leanne Stojmenov was impressive with her integration of a flowing upper body with lively, sharp footwork.”
“The demanding third movement solo didn't faze Lana Jones, whose formidable precision, attack and superb elevation got a strong workout.”
“Amber Scott and Robert Curran were transfixing in the slow movement. [Amber] Scott was simultaneously lyrical and sensuous”
On After the Rain:
“As for [Robert] Curran, the AB needs to clone him. He took the lead male role in [Christopher] Wheeldon's neoclassical chamber work, partnering Robyn Hendricks in the heart-stopping pas de deux that forms the second half of the ballet.”
The Australian, 5 May 2011

“There is a rare moment during a performance when an audience is so transfixed it appears to hold its collective breath. For this to happen twice during the opening night of British Liaisons was an extraordinary achievement for The Australian Ballet.”
“A highlight was the meltingly beautiful After the Rain set to Arvo Part's haunting music that draws on the dancers' strength and [Christopher] Wheeldon's innovation, which saw Robyn Hendricks and Robert Curran's pas de deux steal the show.”
The Daily Telegraph, 5 May 2011

On After the Rain:
“Part Two is a sublime pas de deux; slow, elegant, and remarkably moving. In this, Lana Jones and Adam Bull were outstanding.”
Limelight Magazine, 10 May 2011

On Concerto:
“Ebullient’s a word that’s been used to describe the first movement and I can’t think of a better one. The principals involved, Reiko Hombo and Tzu-Chao Chou proved to be worthy crowd favourites. But it was the second movement, pas de deux, danced by Juliet Burnett and Andrew Killian, that caught my imagination and captured my heart. It is ethereal, idealised and beautifully realised.”
[Of the third movement]: “The pace and athleticism involved is utterly breathtaking.”
On After the Rain:
“In concert with Part’s music, it is heartrending, if not heartbreaking. I’d venture to say it’s one of the most moving works of art, of any kind, I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. All the dancers here are worthy of ovation, especially Lana Jones and Adam Bull, who almost made me weep out loud.”
“Of course, if you genuinely love ballet, all of the above are, in a sense, like children. Picking favourites is, thus, fraught with piercing pangs of guilt, But hang the expense. British Liaisons is worth seeing for [Christopher] Wheeldon’s work alone. The other two are very, very distinguished no-extra-cost bonuses.”
Crikey Curtain Call, 8 May 2011

“The Australian Ballet brings us superb dancing in three works”
On Concerto:
“The major highlight, however, would have to be the magnificent pas de deux in the slow second movement performed by Amber Scott and Robert Curran.”
On After the Rain:
“The second half is an extended, mesmerizing, very athletic and almost impossibly demanding pas de deux – a paean for lost love? – for Lana Jones and Adam Bull.”
“It is ravishing, lyrical and entrancing, and left the audience stunned and collectively sighing for more.”
On Checkmate:
“Tzu-Chao Chou has great opportunity to sparkle in the showy dances as the Red Knight. The Black Queen (Miwako Kubota) is coolly elegant and beautiful”
Arts Hub, 12 May 2011



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