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Amber Scott and Adam Bull in Gemini
Photography Jeff Busby

"a tremendous showcase of The Australian Ballet’s work"

**** (4 stars)
On Gemini: "its heady combination of the sculptural, sinuous and kinetic has an exhilarating immediacy"
On Beyond Twelve: "Its final image of an end and a beginning, of life backstage yet on the move has a real resonance for a company that, in reflecting on its past, is also looking to its future"
The Saturday Age, 1 September 2012

*** (3 stars)
"Glenn Tetley's Gemini from 1973 stands the test of time and has a crisp, clean form that, like the best of abstract dance, never goes out of fashion"
"Graham Murphy's Beyond Twelve … holds its own as a narrative piece with beautifully humorous touches"
On Beyond Twelve: "adroitly integrates broad characterisations, touching duets and a multidimensional set. With pianist Stuart Macklin's live solo accompaniment, it strikes a sentimental chord, no matter what the decade"
Sunday Herald Sun, 2 September 2012

On The Display: "As the Female, Madeleine Eastoe best captured the drama, skilfully conveying the descent from naive flirtation to victimhood"
"Gemini was sublime, an opening night quartet of dancers delivering the expansively stylised sculptural lines of Glen Tetley's vigorous choreography with exceptional fluency"
"Realising subtle choreographic contrasts, Lana Jones and Amber Scott embodied rigorous athleticism and slinky curvature respectively, supported through dramatic lifts sequences by Rudy Hawkes and Adam Bull"
On Beyond Twelve: "Playful, astute and moving... Despite the work's brevity and compact narrative, the dramatic arc is seamless and poignant, the gradual transition from levity to loneliness handled with enormous empathy by a first-rate ensemble."
The Australian, 3 September 2012

"showcases a style of dance that is dynamic, vigorous and charged with emotion"
On The Display: "The tumultuous fight scene … is a wonderful combination of grace and ferocity"
On Gemini: "as mesmeric to watch as a lava lamp"
On Gemini: "seamless fluidity"
On Beyond Twelve: "as heartrendingly beautiful a piece of dance as you could imagine"
"Icons is both a tremendous showcase of The Australian Ballet’s work and of the vitality and expressive power of ballet itself"
Australian Stage Online, 3 September 2012

*****(5 stars)
On Gemini: "choreography that saw the four dancers – Lucinda Dunn, Ty King-Wall, Robyn Hendricks and Andrew Killian – demonstrating their flexibility, stamina and brilliance"
On Beyond Twelve: "There was fine dancing from the ensemble, but great credit must go to Charles Thompson, Christopher Rodgers-Wilson and Adam Bull who almost seamlessly took the main character ‘Beyond 12’ to beyond 18, and beyond 30"
On Beyond Twelve: "Lana Jones contributed much to the romantic intensity of the ballet"
"glowing mention should be made of Orchestra Victoria under conductor Nicolette Fraillon, and solo pianist Stuart Macklin in a lyrical accompaniment for the Beyond Twelve pas de deux"
ArtsHub, 3 September 2012

On Gemini: “Lana Jones, Adam Bull, Amber Scott and Rudy Hawkes demonstrated technical skill and precision as the opening night cast”
On Beyond Twelve: “some lovely choreographic moments”
On Beyond Twelve: “…the loose lyricism of Andrew Killian as he enacted Beyond Thirty. He conveyed a sense of regret and loss while hinting at the enhanced artistry that can be gained by a more mature dancer”
Dance Australia, 4 September 2012

Gemini’s first cast – Lana Jones, Adam Bull, Amber Scott and Rudy Hawkes – was exemplary”
On Gemini: “The women in particular were astonishing: [Lana] Jones with unflagging, steel-willed command and [Amber] Scott offering luscious creaminess”
On Beyond Twelve: “touching and engaging”
The Monthly, October 2012

Icons is a rare opportunity to see our national company’s development reflected through 50 years of Australian choreography.”
On The Display: "its themes of violence and alcohol are played out on our streets every day, giving it continuing relevance in the company’s repertoire."
On Gemini: "Lana Jones’s performance is heroic and Amber Scott, Adam Bull and Rudy Hawkes are all flawlessly spellbinding in this extraordinarily timeless and minimalist work"
On Gemini "a true marathon for its four dancers"
On Gemini "the standout"
The Daily Telegraph, 12 November 2012

On The Display: "emotionally powerful"
On Gemini: Amber Scott and Lana Jones are sensational"
On Beyond Twelve: "Comic, theatrical and moving"
On Beyond Twelve: "touches the audience"
On Beyond Twelve:" Brett Chynoweth shines"
Sun Herald, 11 November 2012

"The artistic director, David McAllister, has chosen well for this program, respectful of the company's rich legacy and those who helped form it. It shows the company embraced innovation and contemporary choreography from the very beginning."
"In acknowledging its foundation, the Australian Ballet is moving forward into its next 50 years with great confidence."On Gemini: "a tour de force for the four dancers as it perfectly synthesises classical and modern techniques"
On Gemini: "Leanne Stojmenov, Juliet Burnett, Andrew Wright and Kevin Jackson perform it with gusto"
On Gemini: "an exhilarating ride for the audience and sits as well now in the company's repertoire as it did in the '70s."On Beyond Twelve: "insightful work on the transience of the dancer's career."
On Beyond Twelve:"As the mature dancer [Andrew Killian] dances the role with ease and gentle nostalgia.
On Beyond Twelve: "witty choreography at the start gives way to a beautifully lyrical pas de trois between the three dancers Brett Chynoweth, CameronHunter and Andrew Killian."
On Beyond Twelve:"is also a poignant reminder of the exquisite dancing of the late Kelvin Coe, for whom this ballet as created and to whom the season is dedicated."
Sydney Morning Herald, 12 November 2012

"Icons transcended mere historical interest to be an exciting and thought-provoking Triple Bill, offering three distinctive and enduring theatrical visions."
"it was a rare opportunity to see three works woven into the company's history through connections to fondly-remembered dancers and successful tours abroad."
On The Display: “Robert Helpman's The Display still affords a provocative study of the insularity and chauvinism of Australian culture in the 1960s. Its themes are timeless"
On The Display:"The Display made for an exciting opening work"
On The Display:"Ty King-Wall offered a sympathetic portrayal of the Outsider, bringing logic and conviction to his character's swings of passion. His well-controlled turns and expansive dancing contrasted effectively with the increasingly slack-footed bravado of Brett Simon's inebriated Leader."
On The Display:"Rohan Furnell was more measured than mercurial as the lyrebird, and successfully wrangled the unwieldy tail apparatus at the crucial moments."
On The Display:"the strength of [choreographer Robert] Helpmann's original vision stands this ballet in good stead. The dancers certainly brought it to a thrillingly eerie close."
On Gemini: "Gemini is a sublime amalgam of all its parts, and looks fresh as a daisy with its minimalist, suggestively aquatic set design by Nadine Baylis. Driven by Hans Werner Henze's powerful score Gemini is relentlessly climatic, requiring stamina and exceptional dynamic range of the dancers."
On Gemini:"Amy Harris gave the choreography solidity and momentum and was complemented by Juliet Burnett's focused attack and sleek lines.”
On Beyond Twelve: "showcases some of [Graeme] Murphy's most inventive choreography"
 On Beyond Twelve:"A delightfully boyish-looking Jack Hersee mingled exuberance with pathos,  appearing touchingly puzzled by the reserve of his older selves."
On Beyond Twelve:"As the adolescent, Calvin Hannaford delivered a beautifully understated performance, capturing the essential optimism of youth as well the awkwardness of sexual awakening."
On Beyond Twelve:"the ballet gives the dancers ample leeway to enjoy themselves and everybody does, right down to Jill Ogai in her turn as the boy'sghastly, knicker-flashing little sister.
Dancing Times, November 2012

“These are the fruits of the labours of our best and brightest: crazy diamonds that shine on. And on. And on.”
On The Display:"a ravishing set and costumes by Sidney Nolan"
On The Display:"the choreography is extraordinary: it was and remains particularly bold to interpolate Aussie Rules and fighting."
On The Display:"The current execution is superb. All the soloists excel (Jack Hersee, Andrew Killian and Kevin Jackson) if fulfilling very challenging roles, but it’s Madeleine Eastoe who steals the show,  with her waif-like lightness and delicacy... the violent loss-of-innocence scene is also a tribute to Jackson."
On The Display:"Must-see is a term bandied too often, but if you hope to have any meaningful historical insight into the heritage of the AB, The Display is absolutely compulsory. Bravo!"
On Gemini:“Francis Croese’s lighting is dramatic, creating mesmerising shadows.”
On Gemini:“While the choreography relies on and references classical form, it is, in almost every other respect, contemporary, invigorated and sexually-charged. The couples cavort in ways that seem ambiguous and all the more captivating for it.”
On Gemini:“After 40 years, Tetley’s heady brew still looks taut, fresh and uncompromising in its unapologetic abstraction and modernity.”
On Gemini:“it’s main intent and success seems to be in emphasising athleticism, the almost limitless mechanical flexibility of the body and a savage sensuality.”
On Beyond Twelve:“Murphy’s Beyond Twelve shows just how courageous he is, in its counterpoint between the outrageously comical and the achingly poignant”.
On Beyond Twelve:“It is biographical, but not just for Murphy. It’s for every dancer and, indeed, in a very palpable sense, every one of us.”
On Beyond Twelve:“The scenario painted around football culture is deliciously funny, with no small credit due to the coyly pigeon-toed Sister (Eloise Fryer), Mother (Matthew Donnelly) and Father (Frank Leo).”
On Beyond Twelve:“These three ages of man are movingly portrayed in a trio, in which Brett Chynoweth, Cam Hunter and Andrew Killian become entwined.”
On Beyond Twelve:“Beyond Twelve is, as much as anything, heartwarming entertainment, but rarely is entertainment imbued with such harmony, emotional range, depth or artistry.”
Crikey, 13 November 2012

On Gemini: “Lucinda Dunn was by far the standout performer, displaying fully articulated movements and heightened athleticism”
On Beyond Twelve: “The work was a perfect inclusion in Icons, bringing a sense of nostalgia to the stage”
Dance International, December 2012

“an entertaining and intriguing choreographic commentary on the changing face of masculinity”
On The Display: “[Rachel] Rawlins carries the dramatic arc from expressive wide-eyed innocence to sexual awakening effortlessly”
On The Display: “[Brett Simon and Ty King-Wall] deliver the necessary gravitas to their roles to keep the drama focused and capture the zeitgeist of a very different time”
On Gemini: “astonishingly relevant, slick and sexy”
On Gemini: “Leanne Stojmenov, Juliet Burnett, Andrew Wright and Kevin Jackson shimmer in second-skin lycra as they tackle the piece with both the classical reserve and athletic gusto required of a work full of torque and tension, stretch and sweep”
On Gemini: “[the dancers build] lasting images before dazzling with power-house sequences around the stage”
On Beyond Twelve: “Charles Thompson, Christopher Rodgers-Wilson and Adam Bull... create some wonderful moments in movement”
On Beyond Twelve: “a poignant sense of resolution, sentimentality and optimism”
Dance Europe, January 2013



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