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Andrew Wright as Gremin and Madeleine Eastoe as Tatiana
in Onegin. Photography by Branco Gaica

"The Australian Ballet has a winner with Onegin"

"Having dancers make their debut in their lead roles brings a tremendous freshness and life to this production."
"Andrew Killian is suitably dark, dangerous and doomed as Onegin, and his presence dominates the stage."
"As Tatiana, Madeleine Eastoe transitions effortlessly from innocence to anguish, consumed by the madness of love.
"Eastoe is a liquidly graceful dancer and her torment grabs the emotions."
"Kevin Jackson's Lensky is sensitively handled and Leanne Stojmenov (Olga) is youthfully enthusiatic."
 "While times change and productions can date, it's the quality and expressiveness of the dancers that draws an audience in and makes this production by The Australian Ballet, a special event. In its anniversary year, Onegin 2012 is a living reminder of how far The Australian Ballet has developed in defining its own identity."
"There is a a reason why a production like Onegin becomes a beloved classic and that's because, like a satisfying meal, it ticks all the boxes."
The Daily Telegraph, 3 May 2012

"Nicolette Fraillon led a spirited Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra in the Tchaikovsky score, burnishing Onegin's sophisticated sheen."
"The sets are glamourous, those Act III ball gowns are to die for, and John Cranko's choreography looked wonderful on the dancers."
"There's no dramatic relevance to the corps' super-fast diagonal rushes across the stage in Act I, but my goodness the audience loved them. More pertinently, the repeated motifs of sensually swirling limbs, deeply arched backs and high, escatic lifts are central to delineating Onegin's theme of passions out of kilter.
"The narrative unfolds extremely swiftly and demands acting of a particularly detailed and intense kind. Honours on Tuesday went to Kevin Jackson in the second male lead role of Lensky, the wronged fiance of Tatiana's sister Olga. He has become an imposing dancer, simultaneously muscular and poetic."
"Leanne Stojmenov was a persuasive Olga"
"Madeleine Eastoe was touching as the bewildered young Tatiana"
"A special mention must go to Andrew Wright as Tuesday's Gremin - it's a small but pivotal part, and he judged it beautifully."
The Australian, 3 May 2012

"Onegin has all the right ingredients: the timeless appeal of a tragic love story, evocative music, sumptuous sets and costumes and John Cranko's superb choreography."
"Leanne Stojmenov's Olga and Kevin Jackson as Lensky are delightful and perfectly suited both as dancers and the characters they portray. Their pas de deux in Act 1 epitomises young love."
"The combination of Cranko's dramatic choreography and these talented dancers' expressive range make this a must-see production."
(The bourgeois scene of the second act) " [Kevin] Jackson plays the scene beautifully, full of hurt and indignation."
"In the final passionate pas de deux, Cranko again extends and heightens natural movements to exquisitely expressive choreography."
Sydney Morning Herald, 3 May 2012

**** (4 stars)
"Truly enchanting tale of unrequited love"
"wonderful choreography"
"[this] elegantly designed 1976 production still delights, with lovely dancing across the board from the opening night cast."
"Madeleine Eastoe is exquisite as Tatiana. She is particularly convincing as the younger, love-struck girl but makes the transition to the more mature woman well. Her dancing has such a breathtaking fluidity that she appears almost weightless in the ballet's two most famous, passionate pas de deux between Tatiana and Onegin with their thrilling lifts, embraces and spins."
"Andrew Killian looks dashing as Onegin and his characterisation grows in Act II, while his sensitive partnering is exemplary."
Sunday Telegraph, 6 May 2012

"the bedroom scenes between Onegin (Andrew Killian) and Tatiana (Madeleine Eastoe) are truly beautiful, and the lightness and love between Olga (Leanne Stojmenov) and Lensky (Kevin Jackson) is infectious."
Sun Herald, 6 May 2012

"Jurgen Rose’s design... is a tantalisingly measured springboard for the work... the graduated palette of pastels exhibits the most exquisite colour-balance, taste and sophistication."
"under the self-assured baton of the wonderful Nicolette Fraillon, (the orchestra) seemed to shine as, or more, brightly than ever."
"It’s Russian, so it’s bound to end in tears. But given a production of this quality, there’ll be tears of jubilation, too."
"Cranko’s choreography... bolstered by Tchaikovksy’s emotive score, propels the principals to dizzying, intercontinental heights of excellence. It transcends the merely technical and reaches deep down into their very hearts and souls."
Crikey Curtain Call, 17 May 2012

"[Adam] Bull's stoicism suited the brooding, black-clad Onegin, quick to anger and slow to remorse."
"[Amber] Scott's Tatiana reflected the evolution from naive girl to strong woman forced to make a difficult decision."
"Kevin Jackson and Leanne Stojmenov as Lensky and Olga were a solid pairing with a convincing attraction."
"Jackson's Act II solo, peppered with curvaceous modern accents was a highlight."
"For a dramatic ballet with meaty choreography and lush score (by Ilych Tchaikovsky,) Onegin ticks the boxes and compliments the AB's 50th birthday celebrations."
The Herald Sun, 25 June 2012

"Pulsing with lust, love and betrayal, the current production of Onegin is a passionate display of naivety, temptation and misplaced desire."
"Adam Bull (playing the title character) is one … whose raw energy and sexuality made him the perfect anti-hero."
(On Amber Scott and Adam Bull) "Both impeccable in their technique, the two drive the story with their passionate performance, sweeping the audience into their world of romance and ultimately tragedy."
"Kevin Jackson as Lensky… stole the show. An incredible form, Jackson is the definition of 'art in motion.' He dances as though his life depends on it, and with all the passion of a young man madly in love. Partnered with the stunning Leanne Stojmenov as Olga, the two play a couple very much in love and both are at their best during their scenes together."
"Stojmenov is an absolute delight, her expressive face and perfect poise make her an ideal match for Jackson as the two combine a series of powerful lifts and incredible jumps."
"Onegin is an exceptional piece and an amazing expression of talent. Onegin will move, disturb and break your heart, in the most beautiful way. Like any bad boy, Onegin will leave you speechless and begging for more."
Australian Stage Online, 25 June 2012

**** (4 stars)
"Amber Scott, as the leading lady Tatiana, was absolutely stunning – expressive, vivacious and lissom. Adam Bull, as Onegin, captured the haughtiness, arrogance and world-weariness of the character."
"Highlights included the early duet between Olga (Leanne Stojmenov) and Lensky (Kevin Jackson) – a tender effortless-looking pas de deux, with Olga appearing to float suspended, without the constraints of gravity. The pas de deux between Tatiana and Prince Gremin (Brett Simon) was also memorable – exquisite dancing to the swells of Tchaikovsky."
"Onegin was a sumptuous feast of colour and movement, engaging and poignant."
Arts Hub, 26 June 2012

***** (5 stars)
"a highlight of the year"
"a rewarding experience"
"Apart from being such a captivating ballet in the true Russian tradition, opening night saw Amber Scott step into a new range of artistry."
"this will be remembered as the night [Amber] Scott became a star. Her absorption in the role was so complete that she is never less than spellbinding."
"[Adam Bull] was staggering in his secure line and imposing as the arrogant Onegin, heart-breaking as the humbled, yet awakened, Onegin."
"Kevin Jackson as Lensky… has full command and attitude."
"[Amber Scott] is glorious throughout. The role calls on a range of acting skills and Scott's are in perfect harmony with her gestures. She has the power to transport us all to the inner world of Tatiana and that means she is a great artist indeed."
The Sunday Herald Sun, 1 July 2012



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