Why we need a Production Centre

A milestone moment!

The construction of the company’s first, stand-alone Production Centre is arguably one of the most significant turning points in the company’s history.

Our founding artistic director, Dame Peggy van Praagh set The Australian Ballet on a path to becoming a professional ballet company by ensuring full-time contracts for dancers in 1962 and establishing a dedicated ballet school in 1964.

In 1985 company leadership committed to the construction of our current home at 2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, which opened in 1988 as a Bicentennial Commemorative Project. No other major performing arts company in Australia has a resource like The Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre, which not only houses the company and The Australian Ballet School but provides us with 10% of our annual income through third party leases and public car parking fees.

Now we have taken another step, and created an asset which contributes further to our independence and sustainability.

Why now?

  1. ​We needed to vacate leased storage premises in Kensington by January 2013;
  2. We needed to improve storage of company's precious production assets (costumes and sets) and provide work spaces for set construction and scenic painting; and
  3. To further invest in the best classical and contemporary ballet in Australia, rather than paying rent of approximately $1 million per annum.

What will the Production Centre do for the company?

The Production Centre will transform the way we undertake production work by: 

  • Enabling us to replace the two separate storage locations in Kensington and Ballarat, with one purpose-built facility
  • Providing space for the creation of production elements like sets, scenery and props;
  • Providing increased storage capacity for scenery and props;
  • Protecting costumes which are currently exposed to dust, light, pests and variable temperatures;
  • Streamlining touring logistics, by transporting costumes upright and performance ready and assembling sets before they go to the theatre; and
  • Incorporating state-of-the-art design facilities, including a virtual design studio where we can use computers to create 3D models of our set designs and light them using virtual lights - saving us valuable time in the theatre.

How can you help?

The Victorian Government has confirmed a low interest loan of $10m for the construction of the Production Centre, while the Federal Government has made a grant of $2m towards the fit-out of the building.

Over $2 million has already been generously donated by patrons eager to help us to repay the loan. We are truly grateful for this support, however we still have a long way to go.

We invite you to join us at this milestone moment in the company’s history. Every dollar you give to the Production Centre is a dollar we can invest in bringing wonderful ballets to the stage.

Your tax-deductible gift today will help us reach our goal of $5 million over five years.

If you would like more information about the Production Centre, please contact Kenneth Watkins or phone 03 9669 2785.

Production Centre Patrons